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What Is Pilates?

Body Control Pilates is based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880 – 1967), who created a series of exercises that built strength without adding bulk and balanced that strength with flexibility.

The ‘classical’ Pilates exercises that he developed may take many years to perfect and may well be beyond the capability of the average person, so the ’classical’ exercises have been broken down so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of Pilates whilst working safely and effectively as they move towards the more intermediate and advanced exercises.

Pilates is a safe, effective form of body conditioning. It works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body; re-balancing the body and bringing it back into correct alignment.

Pilates also strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles of the trunk, making it ideal for the prevention and treatment of back problems – one of the reasons why Pilates enjoys unique support from the medical profession and is at the leading edge of sports medicine today.

About Our Classes

Our classes are small, we have 8 clients per class, so that you can get undivided attention and we believe in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. All Pilates Classes are at Woolpit Oestopaths, First Floor, Sampson House, The Street, Woolpit, Suffolk, IP30 9QN in the Centre of Woolpit.

For more information please visit Clairs website or call the clinic.

Prior to enrolling in one of the classes you will be given a one to one session at Clairs home studio in Drinkstone. This is to teach the basics and to make sure that detailed history is taken so that your exercises can be tailored to your needs and ability.

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